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Design for partition wall from Eloy Finckh

Whether you just want to create private or have an open floorplan, cozy spaces in your home the right room divider can make all of the difference. The photographs in this post go well beyond a folding screen and instead use everything from shrubbery to drapes to nautical rope to produce amazing, unique spaces.

Too many walls plus a room can feel cramps and little, although not enough and distractions abound. This half wall with a beaded drape and beams lets in lots of light and atmosphere while keeping the office space taken from the remainder of the house.

Glass partitions

In this urban space, the kitchen itself acts as a central divider.

This marble wall that is low also acts as a mount for a flatscreen and conceals an office space.

See-Through walls and a modern living-room having a Japanese flair separate a concrete hall.

This medal room divider seems almost pixelated, letting it mix easily together with the industrial design of the studio that is urban.

Perfectly contemporary, this artistic white partition indicates separation more than it really divides.

Installing an entire wall isn't constantly a choice. This panel that is large only affixes in a couple of areas, making installation and removal easy. In addition, it provides perfect spot to show art, as you are able to see.

Sliding doors are another room divider choice that is creative. These are produced from reclaimed wood and could be left open for space and air flow or closed off for privacy.

Sometimes the suggestion of division is enough to produce a space more comfortable, although white drapes don’t do much to keep noise out.

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